126 – Gaming 2016


Martin, Tom and Owen take a look back at the year in video games with the release of the mini NES from Nintendo and look forward to the remake of Final Fantasy VII and the release of XV    


122 – Deadpool Commentary


Deadpool Commentary is  the topic of the day. Tom teams up with friends of the show Vapes and Boter, to discuss the biggest Super Hero Movie of the year Meanwhile, Martin and Owen set about opening a detective agency to solve crimes.


117 – Reveng- erm, Return of the Jedi Commentary


This time around, we are completing the Star Wars Sag- No, wait, it’s 2016, we’re not. We’re simply continuing the saga! Enjoy!


115 – Empire Strikes Back Commentary


Join us in this epic Empire Strikes Back commentary! Well, to be fair, it’s really hard to say anything about such a perfect movie, but it’s still 130 minutes of fun!


110 – Summer Movies Aftermath!

Martin and Owen look back at their predictions for this summers movies and how things actually turned out


Episode 107 – The Ultimate Star Wars Game Pitch


Martin couldn’t make it, so Owen and Tom sat down to try and pitch the perfect Star Wars game possible. We discuss story, gameplay and whatnot, to fantasise about what could’ve been, and also, why The Old Republic fails at… Continue Reading


103 – TV Shows That Became Movies


Welcome to the Extended Edition, this week we’re talking about Television programmes that have been adapted into movies, You know like Star Trek, Firefly and Mutiny On the Buses! Unfortunately this episode descended into complete anarchy. Hope you enjoy!


Bonus Episode – The Short Edition


This is a bit different.   Listen to the thing, and come back here.     Then please help us achieve this goal by clicking the donate button on the right!


101 – E3 2015


Another year and another E3. Surprisingly, Martin actually joins in with Tom and Owen for this recap on all the happenings at this years conference.


097 – Video Game Nostalgia


Martin, Tom and Owen are back to talk about the video games that they find themselves feeling nostalgic for and Martin won’t shut up about that bloomin’ N64 Magazine, if it was that good why’d they ever cancel it? Huh?


093 – Star Wars Celebration 2015


Celebration 2015 was the topic as Martin makes his triumphant return after completing a side quest to talk to Owen about the news and trailers that came out of the Star Wars convention in California. whilst that was going on… Continue Reading


092 – Gaming Edition – Offline VS Online


This week, Owen and Tom take on the epic topic of offline games vs online games. Single player vs multiplayer. Is online play a yay or a nay? Listen to the episode to find out what we think about the… Continue Reading


089 – The Friends in Your Head Eulogy Part 1


Remember that place we came from? www.friendsinyourhead.com closed their podcast, so we brought their ample leader; Teague Chrystie on board to talk a bit about their 6 year tenure in the podcast game.